As the day draws
To a close,
And night shrouds
Me in silence,

As stars peek out
From the sky,
And darkness sings
A sweet lullaby,

I think of you,
O sweet girl!
And a pain unbearable,
Claws my heart!

A silent scream,
I let slip
Into the deaf,
Starry night.

I cry, I bleed.
I hurt, but I know
That Death
Is the only relief.

~ Pradeep CE.

The Ceaseless Void

I wish my memories
Were written in sand,
So the waters of time
Can wash them away.

I wish my thoughts
Were little matchsticks,
So I can strike them
And burn them to ashes.

I wish my heart
Were made of stone,
So it would hurt less
And not yearn.

But etched in steel,
Is my consciousness.
And my hollow self
Is condemned to grieve.

For as many times
As I try to fill it,
The ceaseless void
Is empty as you left.

~ Pradeep CE 🙂

In the Dark

I’m in the dark,
I’ve lost my way.
The light is gone,
I’m left astray.

I shout for help,
But no one comes.
I weep for freedom,
But none can hear.

It’s a time of grief.
I’m a man in pain:
I’ve lost all loving,
I’ve not much time.

Where were you,
In my better days,
Where’d you go
When I could love?

I yearn for things
I’ve lost to the past,
I yearn for all
That could have been.

Oh how I wish
I could turn back time,
And take you
To my former self!

How I wish
I could love again,
Oh how I wish
Now were the same!

~ Pradeep CE 🙂


A terrible thing to live in regret —
It claws and gnaws and eats me through:
A precious fruit rotting from within,
No cure or drug to aid in rescue.

I’m walking barefoot the path of life,
Where thorns of the past lay strewn.
Every step is an exercise in pain —
The scars I’ll carry,
And a trail of blood leave behind.

I’m a kite tied down by guilt.
Tugging and pulling, I try to fly —
But there’s no way out:
No exit, or wind of escape.

For, long after I slay and kill
The demons of a time that was,
I find the deadly monster within
Staring at me with a knowing smile.

~ Pradeep CE 🙂

Image credits: Ahmad Hammoud on Flickr