A Place Undiscovered

I yearn for a place undiscovered,
With no one around to talk.
It will just be me unfettered;
I’ll breathe, yawp and walk.

I’ll crinkle the crisp, clean air
And chase after dragonflies;
I’ll wander here and there,
Watching suns set and rise.

I’ll sing in merry solitude,
And dance with unbound joy;
For I’ll have nothing to brood
Over, worry about or cry.⁠⁠⁠⁠

~ Pradeep CE 🙂


The Edge of Dusk

I am at the edge of Dusk,
With darkness spreading
Its inescapable blanket
Across the crimson sky.

I chaperone the dark Night,
As it creeps in from shadows
Of things inanimate,
Dimming my golden shine.

I sense the growing Evil
Diffusing like poisonous air;
Invisible, but omnipresent,
Clawing it’s way into hearts.

I stand witness in silence,
Frozen and handicapped;
Aware, but unable;
I know not what to do.

I can only kneel in prayer,
Begging for strength,
And hoping for faith
To get me through!

~ Pradeep CE.

Where is Poetry Born?

Long ago,
And lost to thought,
Wondered did I
Where poetry was born.

The evening breeze,
The monsoon rain,
And lofty mountains
I searched in vain.

In mighty seas,
And hidden caves
I searched again,
But in vain.

In mother’s love,
A lover’s eyes,
In nature’s lap,
In sacrifice,

The cradle of poetry
I hoped to find.
But alas,
’twas in vain.

I sat me down,
The temple of poetry
Never to be found.

Then I realized
I’d always known
The voice of poetry
As my own.

So I closed my eyes,
And looked within.
The home of poetry
I was finally in!

~ Pradeep CE 🙂

The beautiful cover picture on this post is by TrufleTinker. Please drop in a word of appreciation if you liked the doodle!


As the day draws
To a close,
And night shrouds
Me in silence,

As stars peek out
From the sky,
And darkness sings
A sweet lullaby,

I think of you,
O sweet girl!
And a pain unbearable,
Claws my heart!

A silent scream,
I let slip
Into the deaf,
Starry night.

I cry, I bleed.
I hurt, but I know
That Death
Is the only relief.

~ Pradeep CE.

In the Dark

I’m in the dark,
I’ve lost my way.
The light is gone,
I’m left astray.

I shout for help,
But no one comes.
I weep for freedom,
But none can hear.

It’s a time of grief.
I’m a man in pain:
I’ve lost all loving,
I’ve not much time.

Where were you,
In my better days,
Where’d you go
When I could love?

I yearn for things
I’ve lost to the past,
I yearn for all
That could have been.

Oh how I wish
I could turn back time,
And take you
To my former self!

How I wish
I could love again,
Oh how I wish
Now were the same!

~ Pradeep CE 🙂